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It provides excellent data protection, and advanced data management. What is BIOS beep code? What are the different color cables found in Molex connector? It uses parallel transmission of data. What will the probable cause?

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It is more costly. The different types of storage devices are:.

Short for complementary metal oxide semiconductor. The various types of processing device in a computer are: SRAM is used in devices that require the fastest possible data access without requiring a high capacity. Which is the medium used in a floppy for storing data? Which is troubleshopting memory packaging suitable for a sub-note book system? But mainframes are huge computers, most commonly occupying entire rooms or floor. The troubleshootihg of microprocessor packaging are.

The lowest performing Pentium 4 processor, the Willamette, has an L2 cache of kb, a potential 2. This is one of the processing device in a computer. Hatdware it is different from AT? Hyper-threading is a technology developed to help make better use of spare processing cycles.

TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions pdf

What is Intel Pentium? A solid-state drive SSDsometimes called a solid-state disk or basic computer hardware troubleshooting pdf download disk, is a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store data.

To provide power to Floppy Disk Drive. Proper Working of the System Case Fan. What is the advantage if a processor with more cache memory you are using? What are the methods used in a system troubleshooing cooling? Why do we call motherboard a motherboard? The various types of processing device in a computer are:.

Computer is a programmable machine.

The following are the factors affecting the speed of the microprocessor. I have inserted a new floppy disk into my drive. Pentium The top Pentium processor is the Pentium 4 Prescott. A CPU fan should be placed in system.

100 TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf

This is the part of the computer that stores operating system software, software applications and other information for the central processing unit CPU. What is full name of AMD? It is also known as Rtoubleshooting.

What is power supply unit? How a server motherboard different from a desktop?

What are the different types of Form Factors of Power Supply? The beep code may vary depends on basic computer hardware troubleshooting pdf download manufacture of BIOS. Which is the latest DDR version? Please kindly send me the questions and answer of the basic computer hardware troubleshooting pdf download in my E-mail. The ATX form factor specified changes to the motherboard, along with the case and power supply.

Bandwidth Clock Speed Number of transistors inside the processor It is also called mid-range server. Like other types of power supplies, an SMPS transfer power from a source like the electrical power grid to a load e. A power supply unit PSU. The form factor of a motherboard determines the specifications for its general shape and size.