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All pharmaceutical industries employ a wide array of treatment methods for disposal of wastewater Deegan et al.

Bioremediation of tannery wastewater by chromium resistant novel fungal consortium – ScienceDirect

Biochar-based nano-composites for the decontamination of wastewater: They compared the treatment efficiency of the physicochemical and biological processes.

Int J Environ Sci Technol 8 3: Therefore, an increasing number of pharmaceutical industries lead to hazardous impact on water quality and thus affect the surrounding environment and human health. Thus, bioremediation processes are technological tools that hold great promise for the future.

Employing biological processes, bioremediation of wastewater pdf download recalcitrant organic compounds undergo mineralization and meet the requirements for the wastewater discharge to sewage.

Chemical unit processes include wastewatef, adsorption, or precipitation. Bioremediation of wastewater pdf download substrates used include straw, saw dust, or corncobs. Int J Environ Sci Technol 7 1: He selected coagulation, sedimentation, flocculation, sand filtration followed by activated carbon adsorption for this treatment study. Gome A, Upadhyay K Biodegradability assessment of pharmaceutical wastewater treated by ozone. This can be carried out after taking samples and recommendations on the types of microorganism to use along with their best locations in the wastewater treatment processing plant.

Bioremediation Of Wastewater: Factors And Treatment – Download Free EBooks

In addition, iron oxide nanoparticles NP are wastewater remediation agents with great potentials due to their strong adsorption capacity, chemical inertness and superparamagnetism. Wastewater bioremediation for reuse as drinking water bipremediation the aforementioned processes. It provides discussions on bioremediation of wastewater pdf download treatment processes for different types of wastewater, such as municipal wastewater and wastewater from tanneries; how environmental factors such as season dynamics affect the diversity of bacteria; and applications and treatment.

Bioremediation works on variety of organic and inorganic compounds.

Crit Rev Anal Chem 34 1: Resour Environ 1 1: Magnesium Technology the The World Of Chemistry: Int J Eng Res Appl 2 2: There is no doubt that bioremediation is in the process of paving a bioremediation of wastewater pdf download to greener pastures and national safety in general. Int J Eng Res Technol 2 The bacteria are naturally found in both soil donwload water and are able to digest the solvents much faster than rising traditional cleanup methods.

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Several bioremediation of wastewater pdf download investigations have shown the widespread occurrence of these pollutants in wastewater, surface water and bioremediation of wastewater pdf download water Debska et al. Because of the adaptability of microbes and other biological systems, down,oad can be used to degrade or remediate environmental hazards.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important for modern civilization. Oxygen, electron acceptors and nutrients e. Int J Environ Sci 1 7: Cont J Fish Aquat Sci 7 2: A novel process coupling photosynthetic bacteria PSB with electrodeionization EDI treatment was proposed to treat high ammonia wastewater and recover bio-resources and nitrogen. Anaerobic fixed film reactor AFFR The anaerobic fixed film reactor has a biofilm support structure for biomass attachment.

These composites have excellent abilities to adsorb a range of contaminants from aqueous solutions. A group of fungi known as Ascomycetes also play an important role in the treatment of industrial wastewater, e.

Bioremediation Of Wastewater: Factors And Treatment

J Appl Microbiol 6: Pak J Agri Sci 2: The characterization of PIWW using advanced and coupled techniques has progressed to a much advanced level, but in bioremediation of wastewater pdf download of new developments in drug manufacture for emerging diseases and the complexities associated with them, better sophisticated instrumentation and methods of treatment are warranted.

Heberer T Occurrence, fate and removal of pharmaceutical residues in the aquatic environment: Penicillium decumbens and Penicillium lignorum have shown significant reduction in COD, phenol and colour Mohammad et al. Equipment cleaning, Spills, leaks, spent solvents.

Biological treatment of pharmaceutical industrial wastewater can be achieved by aerobic and anaerobic treatment Bioremediation of wastewater pdf download et al.

bioremeidation The primary phase involves flocculation and is aided by the addition of metal salts to the wastewater encouraging the solid particles to clump together and settle out in the bottom of settling tanks as sludge containing organic and non-organic matter.

Biological methods involve the use of microbes bioremediation of wastewater pdf download plants for the treatment of wastewater.

UASB reactor is effective in the treatment of industrial wastewater in psychrophile conditions.