F 11 Peel off the released paper of the code guide [1] and affix it to the host machine as shown in the figure. Chapter 7 F [1] Toner cartridge [2] Sub hopper [3] Developing unit [4] Photosensitive drum [5] Transfer roller [6] Primary charging roller [7] Drum unit [8] Drum cleaning unit Outline Of Size Identification 5. F 8 Route the relay cable [2] through the wire saddle [1]. Page Chapter 2 F 7 Remove the two screws [1] from the speaker unit and then remove the speaker unit lower [2].

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Canon iR// UFRII LT – Device Driver Download

Table Cajon Contents Contents Contents 9. Canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii Chapter 17 F 4 If you want to start another downloading session, see the appropriate instructions. Page of Go. Its mode items are grouped into those used in regular maintenance work Level 1 items and those used in response to faults Level 2 items.

F 3 Mount the grounding plate [2] with 2 screws.


By implementing the manufacturer provided ir2720 driver the imaging and developing systems of the hardware are likewise supported. The brush has a reciprocating mechanism and is driven by a cam [4], operating while the photosensitive drum is being driven.

F 3 Remove the E-ring [1], and detach the duplex feed F roller 2 [2]. Removing The Developing Assembly 3 Shift the locking lever [1] to the left to canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii the developing assembly.

When pickup takes place, the pickup roller moves down to come into contact with the surface of paper. Cleaning the Film Bias Static Eliminator 1 Remove the 2 screws [1], and detach the grounding plate [2].

F 2 Remove the face cover rubber [1]. Page Chapter 10 F 2 Remove the 4 fastons [1], and detach the circuit breaker [2]. F An image is formed for the 1st side of the 5th sheet. F 2 Detach the harness [1] from the guide [2]. F 4 Remove the face plate [2] from the uf cover rear [1] using nippers. Chapter 8 F [1] Pickup from cassette 1 [2] Pickup from cassette 2 [3] Pickup from cassette pedestal [4] Pickup canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii side paper deck [5] Pickup from manual feeder [6] Delivery from copy tray 1 8.

F 5 Secure the controller [1] to the host machine’s rear cover using 4 screws [2]. Toner on Clothing or Skin 1. Although the iR series machine can manage only department IDs at a maximum, canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii machine can manage up to 1, department IDs. While the fan is in operation, the lock signal is not detected for 5 sec. The revolution of the laser scanner motor is controlled by means csnon the acceleration signal ACC signal and canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii deceleration signal DEC signal.

Check the paper butting does not go on when the plate home position sensor. Run a free scan for Windows errors. Chapter 7 F 7 Disconnect the connector [1]. Cross-section [26] Right cover lower front [27] Right door unit [28] Delivery cover [29] Right cover upper 1. Chapter 2 4 Take out the cassettes 1 and 2.

Page Chapter 9 F F F camon Check if the machine wobbles while it is lying on the desk or the floor, and tighten the adjusting 15 Close the front cover [1]. The 3rd sheet is moved for duplexing.

The 3rd sheet is moved for registration once again.

Page Chapter 8 F An image is formed for the 1st side of the 4th sheet. Control Panel Do not turn off the main power switch or the acnon panel power switch.

F F 4 Disconnect canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii 7 connectors [1], and free the harness from the 4 clamps [2]. Dry wipe it, or use alcohol. The machine’s laser unit is fully enclosed in a protective housing and external covers so that its light will il escape outside as long as the machine is used normally. F 6 The list of system software found on the System CD appears. Page Chapter 10 F Page Chapter 12 F E. Be sure to hold the drum unit as shown. F 8 Place the heater unit [1] under the top board ir2807 the paper deck, and pull out the connector [2] from the hole [3] on the top board.

Canon iR3570 Service Manual

F 4 Remove the screw [1]. Chapter 12 F 3 Remove the 4 screws [1]. F 4 Click [Save]. Replace the stack delivery position, the return belt motor. Chapter 8 – No Delivery Accessory F 1. Chapter 8 The 1st sheet is delivered.