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An example downolad an crm customizing fundamentals pdf download relationship is “is married to. The system reads the organizational data profile that is assigned to transaction type TA, for example, Sales.

SAP has no control over the information that you may access through the use of hot links contained in these materials. Choose No in the “Transport Mini-Template” dialog box. Account Hierarchies Accounts are assigned to defined hierarchy nodes. FULL Save the account.

SAP – CRM Customizing Fundamentals

Stages and Sequences Potential Qualified Contact Stage 1 Customer Stage 2 Customer Definition of life cycles, stages cusyomizing sequences You can specify which start stages are set when a business partner is crm customizing fundamentals pdf download and which follow-on life cycle stages are permitted. Products may differ from country to country.

Organizational Management allows you to: The CRM server can also connect to other systems. Select the new entry Template.

CRM Fundamentals I

You make some personalized settings in the WebClient UI. In Telesales, they can be used to profile telesales agents. A transaction with Business Partner Bardot is entered.

The information ctm in this publication is the property of SAP. There are three prerequisites crm customizing fundamentals pdf download transferring a customer hierarchy from the ERP back end: You must define a role exclusion group for the account life cycle. A group specifies a shared living arrangement, a married couple, or an executive board. You define a bridge between the roles and you determine a permitted sequence of life cycle stages.

These are the life cycle stages. For example, a registered resale customer in a Web shop or a private account such as a telephone company. The organizational data profile created by you will not be required until the exercises in the Transaction Processing unit.

It is responsible for the success of a sales area. This prevents you from creating the same partner more than once. Templates for Sales Areas You want to create and use a template for the sales area data.

Maintain values Customizzing Customer Class SAP provide classification categories for accounts as well as some predefined criteria.

Enter the number crm customizing fundamentals pdf download the rule field and choose Copy. You must create your organizational units, assign the attributes and positions, and determine the holders. Sales offices and sales groups are used to map the internal organization. If there are, write them down: The information contained herein may be crm customizing fundamentals pdf download without prior notice. Organizational Management – Exercises Unit: In Account Details choose Edit.

Using this flexible tool you can maintain the company dpwnload, including the positions and employees in an application, and assign specific attributes to the organizational units.

Application-neutral data such as name, address, bank details, and payment cards, is mapped. Attribute sets are used to group together attributes created specifically within CRM Marketing for marketing purposes.

Relevant organizational units are determined automatically when a transaction is created In this example, a prospect calls an insurance company and asks, “Can you insure my new house? The business partner role for example, contact, sold-to party or supplier classifies the business partner according to their business function. In the list of available sales areas, choose: Leave the division field blank. The e-mail field is in the Main Address crm customizing fundamentals pdf download Communication Data area.

Team 2 Sales organization: Freely definable life cycle stages Different fields depending on life cycle stage “Evolution” Life cycle stages allow you crm customizing fundamentals pdf download retain the different stages of a business partner during the life cycle. Choose Insert Line again.

The data that is displayed corresponds most closely to what a sales representative sees in the sales environment.


You must have a license to download a learning map. The system uses the postal code down,oad the client’s address for example to determine the sales office and the sales person responsible for the client automatically. The sales organization is the leading organizational unit for sales.

Enter the following additional address in the CRM system. You can fumdamentals crm customizing fundamentals pdf download types to these addresses. Customer objects, such as database tables and screens, are created by a generator, and all customer exits are implemented. The organizational data of the crm customizing fundamentals pdf download header may be copied at item level. Billing Attributes Choose Continue. Double-click WebClient UI in your favorites.