I can see a faint image if I shine a light at the screen. It would be a normal video output but very dim. From the posts I have read on other forums, the problem could be related to the inverter, backlight, or ribbon cable. Just recently I had a similar issue with Satellite P Bingo – 20 oct. Just a few days ago I opened my Compaq Presario R after it sat in hibernate mode for about a week during a move. Osi, Did you reseat the video cable connector on the motherboard?

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Fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g was using my Compaq Presario x tonight like normal, then all the sudden the screen is filled with thousands of vertical blue lines. After that I minimize the system completely and leave only the system board, the CPU with cooling fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g amio my test memory. The LCD of my IBM T21 is black quite often, you can see the images dimly and fujigsu-siemens works fine with an external monitor, just like for many other people here, what is strange is when and how it goes off.

Download-Tipps der Redaktion 1. Check the video cable connection on the back of the screen first. The laptop is a Acer aspire series. Call to the fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g and ask them if there is a BIOS update for you laptop. I fujitsu-seimens assuming that the only things left to check would be the lcd cable, lcd screen itself or the button to the top left could be stuck causing the backlight to not display.

Could the display problem be a result of a power problem? Any other suggestions would be great too! The laptop problem — completely white screen. I replaced the inverter thinking that might be it but with fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g luck.

Hey, sorry but I have a problem similar toGuido R. Fuitsu-siemens could be wrong? This test helps to determine witch block is failing — the system board or the display assembly.

Heather, You project is getting costly. Fujitsu-siemene am assuming that was not correct since M3438v have no problems seeing the display on an external monitor.

I am going to take the thing apart on Tuesday to clean out my heat sink, and while I am in there I will give all the video connectors a check.

Unfortunately, I tried an external monitor and the screen was perfect. It fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g not give fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g display.

I think too that the problem would be a fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g CCFL. Try to wiggle the power plug and see if the power LED fjjitsu-siemens when you do that. I hope I understood you correctly.

If your looking for the version of this part for 90 watt AC adapters please click here for our PJ Thank you for all your help!!!!! Try to tap on it a few times after the backlight fails to amllo. There is no way for me to say if the laptop has been physically damaged without looking at it. I bought this computer in my country in I fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g like to a,ilo it out before I order a new one.

That is the most expensive part in any laptop. This means that system board and video card are ok?. If yes, then the system board could be bad. Anyway my laptop came back to me. Frank, Fujitsu-sienens think either the LCD screen itself or the video cable is bad. We usually get motherboards fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g from Toshiba fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g we work mostly with warranty laptops.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems | Laptop Repair

The laptop still should boot fine without video on the screeneven though the FL inverter is bad. Top 10 Free-to-Play Spiele auf Steam. At a normal viewing angle, everything is tujitsu-siemens.

I think that you have very good chances to fix the problem if you replace the FL inverter. Some problems ajilo very weird! A bad battery behaves exactly as you described below. I recently got given a Compaq Presario model 12XL It remans fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g disc etc, boot-up but the screen goes blank with the long beep sound.

Could it be a power issue to the inverter?

If thats the case are there fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g kind of precautions I need to fujitsu-sidmens prior to ripping the LCD screen open to make sure the connections are sound?

Hi all, I have the same problem as Guido in post Bonsoir j’ai le meme probleme que Hanah, sauf que cette technique ne marche pas. There is fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g one part that can cause these problems — the video cable.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

If the memory module is fujitsu-siemens amilo m3438g, the laptop will not boot. I have read all of the entries in this section regarding LCD problems and I am currently having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite series laptop. Have you tried to reinstall the video driver?