If no lights, no activity, try another power adapter. Es todo lo que se me ocurre. I have more than one adapter one that came with laptop and a universal The DC jack inside the laptop has been swapped and tested, also working. Yo tengo una Dell Inspiron y me ha dado muuuuchos problemas, hace poco me repusieron mi bateria y ahora el cargador, pero no carga ala bateria!!! The fuses are usually, but not always, near to the power socket. If a particular component soldered on the motherboard like power jack is faulty, is it possible to remove it, purchase a new one and solder it back? When i press the power button nothing happens.

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Synaptics Control Panel Hello there!

Pavilikn, make sure both RAM modules installed correctly. It will not turn on even though the battery is fully charged! Maybe there is a short inside the cable and hp pavilion dv7-1240us you move the plug, you actually shorting wires inside the cable.

Hirv7-1240us have a gateway nv52 with power adapter plugged in only a hp pavilion dv7-1240us light will come on no power gateway tech support does not have a clue however this a know issue you see all over the internet brought from vendor there tech does not have a clue was wondering if this is a bad dc jack or muti function power button board or power cable any advice will be helpful.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

NACHO – 28 may a las Is it motherboard time? The best way to test hp pavilion dv7-1240us laptop would be trying another known good power adapter.

Thanks for the great info! If nothing helps, probably this hp pavilion dv7-1240us motherboard related failure. You can disassemble the laptop, plug the AC adapter and using a voltmeter test voltage on terminals where DC jack harness connected to the motherboard. Tengo el mismo problema de Jenny!

Latest Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 10 – Windows 10 Forums

It wont power on with battery or mains dv7-1240ua, At first it would power on after waiting 5 minsthis then extended to hours then days and now its weeks before i can power it up again. Oduma, This sounds like a problem with the motherboard. Fausk7 – 28 abr a las I was thinking to buy a new motherboard but what if that is not the problem.

Hp pavilion dv7-1240us ser un fallo de esa serie de placas bases. I did notice that when i first plug it in the battery light will hp pavilion dv7-1240us green for a minute then goes to solid orange. I hp pavilion dv7-1240us searching the internet for solutions, and i found this website. Assuming its a short in the DC jack?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Does it turn on at all? Brunito – 24 oct a las Any ideas what it might be?

hp pavilion dv7-1240us Ju – 28 feb a las Ah se me olvidaba, mi portatil es un Packard bell easy note TM86, por si a alguien le sirve. Pero gracias a todos. Denunciar Comenta pavulion respuesta de rubense. I think its fan problem but am not sure about this. Muchas Gracias, ya estaba casi llorando jajaja pense que ya no servia mi Lap.

Is this really a problem of motherboard?

Pls what can i do sir to solve this problem. I let it cool down for a good couple of hours or more and went to turn it back on and nothing. hp pavilion dv7-1240us

La batería de mi portátil no carga [Resuelto]

You said that the problem can be in the jack or the fuse. Toshiba Satelite — no power no lights hp pavilion dv7-1240us battery was alraedy shot. New 14 Sep 7.