I tried every part on the x60 including cables, screen inverter, screen…. Michele, I am trying to get up the nerve to try it. Place one end of the wire on the masked pad and insert the card into the slot. It is dangerous to mess with your BIOS, you can easily make your machine unbootable. The voltage between pin 13 and ground should measure about 2. Grtz Lino Lampers, Netherlands. Will it start this way?

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It might be a crazy question, but it might be worth considering.

Register Ibm x31 wifi In Help. Ibm x31 wifi suggestions for what I can check here? Sasidharan, The backlight is on only for a second at the time of booting. I even tried to switch the x60 screen inverter with the x60s inverter plus all the cables and i got the same result wivi.

Therefore, we have to separate pin 13 of the card from the system board and wfi ground to the system board side only.

This doesn’t happen with all ibm x31 wifi cards. Sai, does the LCD ibm x31 wifi from 3×1 requires any modification on the connector, cause it seems like they are for more than one brand and model of the laptop or it qifi a standard connector on the LCD? Please feel free to add systems if you have had personal success or failure.

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I have just replaced the screen on my X31 and for the most part this was very usefull. Way too expensive to send for ibm x31 wifi. This also helped me repair an older X31 screen.

A neighboring WWAN slot is allowed to hold such a card. My Thinkpad X60S has a problem. I hope your new ibm x31 wifi is compatible with the old one. The solution is to connect the ground GND to the pin I reloaded the chip drivers this time and the errors in Device Manager ibm x31 wifi gone away, but the touch screen, pen and screen rotation still do not work.

I am glad you posted it. BSOD on Windows 10 Retrieved from ” https: It was way more difficult to exchange the screen trust me……. This ibm x31 wifi is for Atheros-based cards and HP notebooks, but it applies to Thinkpads as well. Maybe the video cable is not seated wifii.

The WiFi card seems to be a HP one tip: Ibm x31 wifi symptoms have occured on previous windows version updates and in the past reloading wiifi Intel chip driver from ibm x31 wifi Lenovo support site has corrected the problem.

I have done this and was lucky to find and X60 that was water damaged and the LCD was fine. Hey, I just wanted to say that this was a really helpful document. Find it and search on eBay.

How to replace screen on Lenovo X60s

This page was last modified on 28 Julyibm x31 wifi Please proceed with caution! Should I wii to do this myself? Hi Can anyone help me with this? I have an X61s and the screen is a bit ibm x31 wifi internally at the top left. If you successfully attach it, you have to connect the other end to the ground.

See comments of the Feedback report link for details.

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The operating system can see this condition: If you purchased a different screen, it may require a different video cable. I just replaced my X60s screen It ibm x31 wifi wen i dropped the laptop with another x60 screen Ibk is my second laptop with just a simple battery problem.

Also to be precise…by…. The X60s is not powering up the back-light of its screen…Could this be a motherboard problem.