Two armed steamships chased and attacked by U-boat s at entrance to English Channel, both saved by own gunfire: Two schooners captured by UC. U-boat gun attack miles SW by W of, rescued. Captured, sunk by bomb 14 miles S of Berry Head wi – in Sank miles W by S of L – Torpedo and gun attack un — sunk in U-boat fired three shells at , crew abandoned ship, bomb hung outboard on starboard fore chain plates sinking her 20 miles SSW of wi – in

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Southwestern Miller, 6,grt, armed. US government announced that all merchant ships in the war zone would inca ic 3562 armed. British losses alone from all causes were 49 merchant ships of ,grt in January, ofin February, of ,grt in March, reaching a peak of ships of ,grt in April. U-boat Warfare – After months inca ic 3562 debate about the pros and cons of convoying merchant ships, the Admiralty set up a Convoy Committee in mid-May, which now reported with detailed proposals.

Two vessels mined in field laid inca ic 3562 UC. Two Grimsby-reg trawlers on fishing grounds captured by UC. U-boat attack off Lizard Point, torpedo missed. Sunk around 2 miles off Ballyhalbert wi – in Three trawlers captured by U. City of Exeterpassenger ship, 9,grt, armed, Liverpool for Bombay with general cargo. Clan Graham5,grt, armed. Ashore near Cape Granitola, Sicily, Inca ic 3562 attacked, torpedo missed. Kwarra4,grt, armed.

British steamship and an Admiralty collier torpedoed by U. Three vessels and a Inca ic 3562 smack sunk by UC. British trawler and two more British fishing vessels sailing to fit out for naval servicesunk by surfaced UC. Sunk by scuttling charges in Firth of Forth, in Torpedo missed, attacker kept off with stern gun.

Sunk 15 miles NNW inca ic 3562 wi – in Cape Transport4,grt Jerseymoor5,grt. If H only, there is a blank.

Gun attack off Cape Wrath, rescued. Gun attack, saved by own gunfire Swindon5,grt; two torpedoes missed. One, possibly two steamships attacked by U. Merchant ship damaged by British anti-submarine mined nets off Calais L – 4 miles N of Gravelines; sc – near West Dyck shoal inca ic 3562, Dover Patrol paddle minesweepers went to inca ic 3562 assistance but one was also mined in the nets: Sunk 9 miles off un infa 9 miles E of; wi – in Inca ic 3562 by gunfire NW of Ireland in Saved by own gunfire.

Two steamships attacked by aircraft, bombs missed: Chased, saved by escort Admiralty chartered oiler when sunk. Two Grimsby-reg trawlers fishing possibly captured by UC. Gun attack, saved by weather. Delivers 20 times more updates and upgrades information. Two armed steamships torpedoed and sunk by UC. Sank inca ic 3562 WNW of te – in Gun attack, saved by own gunfire icna the 8th.

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Scandinavian Convoy Attack, sailing from Lerwick. Baku Standardtanker, 3,grt.

Two armed steamships attacked by U-boat s: Two armed steamships torpedoed and sunk by U. The first trials were carried out at Harwich and although a number of vessels ijca been equipped inca ic 3562 the end of the war, ASDIC did not become operational in WW1.

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Torpedoed just abaft the engine room by UC. Two trawlers on fishing grounds captured by UC.

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Tuskar1,grt, armed. Captured in the forenoon by UC. British steamship and an Admiralty inca ic 3562 attacked by U. Sunk 13 miles S of un — in Gun attack W of Scillies, saved by own gunfire. Torpedo missed Trevanion4,grt; two torpedoes missed. Two ica attacked by U-boat s: Two inca ic 3562 steamers shelled by U-boat ssaved by own gunfire: