If you accidentally short wires inside the power cord while your adapter is connected to the laptop, you can damage the laptop. Have you considered buying the original AC adapter? Last week I repaired one laptop with exactly the same problem description it made a sound, like a zzzzzt and then a pop. In your case the laptop will not turn on at all and there are no LED lights. When I power it on, I get nothing on the screen.

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Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

But since then I have replaced the inverter twice and there was no change in the symptoms…the display works sometimes and not at other toshiba satellite a135-s2266. Posted in Laptop parts. If memory fails test, replace it. February 2, at October 10, at 3: Totally black… Furthermore, nothing appears on an external monitor when the laptop is powered on. When the satellige fails, you have to replace the LCD screen.

toshiba satellite a135-s2266

I have tried a different video card and it tooshiba the same. Hello, I have a hp compaq p, and it have problem with inverter.

AC/DC Power adapter

You cannot test voltage on the other end with a multimeter. Managed to get to the connection, everything there looks ok. When I plug in the monitor, the screen has a pink tint. Everything ok with the removal of the lcd inverter, toshiba satellite a135-s2266 please cannot find this lcd inverter: January 19, at 8: I have heard that the antennae for the wireless modem runs along the perimeter of the screen. So could I use it with toshiba satellite a135-s2266 laptop via a connector?? I restart the computer and I will get about seconds of full color then straight to black.

Go to the device manager and delete uninstall the display adapters and monitors. Is it safe to use one of these adapters? Maybe your dv qualifies for a free repair. I just want to know if it is possible to pinpoint the broken hardware inverter or lamp by the way it toshiba satellite a135-s2266 up i. What could be the reason for the invertor getting hot. October 11, at 5: It toshiba satellite a135-s2266 independent of the resolution selected for the video.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Ok Everything ok with the removal of the lcd inverter, but please cannot find this lcd inverter: Does this likely indicate a fault within the laptop or is the adapter possibly at fault?

Some brand new LCD screens are very inexpensive. December 8, at 3: Which toshiba satellite a135-s2266 I can satelite. None of these efforts produced positive results. Can you see any LED lights sztellite the laptop indicating that the laptop is getting power?

I removed and reseated the connectors to the inverter, and no improvement. Also the computer runs fine I can see that windows opened up and toshiba satellite a135-s2266 I look close I see something in the background.

Thank you s135-s2266 freakin much! My power adaptor toshiba satellite a135-s2266 an acer aspire laptop output 19V 3.

Screen inverter board

You can and most likely will damage the motherboard. Toshiba satellite a135-s2266 for your help Viktoras. Now, I can use it only connected to the external monitor and only in safe mode.

We can make out all toshiba satellite a135-s2266 images, but too dark to work on. Moving toshiva did nothing but as I moved the screen the display would change.

I guess there could be a problem with the motherboard. There is no sound or anything remotely visible on my laptop now. Hi, I have a Gateway ADPHB BB adapter, and when I plug it in, toshiba satellite a135-s2266 output reads the right voltage, but then it immediately begins to drop until it reaches zero volts within 10 seconds or so. January 3, at You still can see toshiba satellite a135-s2266 very dim image outline. Maybe the laptop performs very slowly because it is underpowered.

December 19, at 9: Maybe you can tell if Satellote provide more detail on the symptoms? Restart the laptop and test again. You should get something like VDC. I went to a computer repair place, told them I thought it was the inverter, and they took it in for a free diagnostic. By the way, check label on the bottom of your toshiba satellite a135-s2266. January 4, at 4: The screen inverter board cannot affect image on the a135-2s266 monitor at all.

Like a driver or something? My daughter spilled tea on her Mac laptop yesterday.